Trackers 2021 registration is now open! Click on the link here to register now! Hurry as spaces are limited! 

Just completed your O Levels or A Levels? Done with your National Service? Finally done with assignments and FYP in Poly? Free during the months of Jan to April? Looking to grow deeper in Christ? Look no further!

Trackers is a 3-month discipleship program for youth between the ages of 17-25 years old. Do look out for our posters and publicity material at your churches! For registrations or more info, please email us at NOTE: Registration closes on 20th Dec 2020


What is TRACkers all about?


  • Trackers was a great opportunity for me to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Being able to meet like minded methodists was really nice and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who can make it! #Go4Trackers

    Jeremy Png - Team Sisidlan 2019

  • I think Trackers really pushed me to rely on God and to understand my faith a lot better. I am also more secure of my identity in Christ and of God's love for me/us because of the sessions covered in the program and also in the time spent in His word! I think the most memorable parts of trackers were those times where we would be vulnerable with each other and praying together! The mission trip experience to Nepal was also well organised, and the missionary was spirit-led and thus gave us a good idea of what is the right way to do missions--in accordance to how God is moving in the land and we cater to that.

    Nicole Ng - Team Sequoia 2019

  • Trackers has been an extremely invaluable experience where I got to meet like-minded youths.
    We set aside 3 months to learn more about our faith and Heavenly Father and even sought to do His kingdom work in the nations beyond.
    I never expected that I would gain have gained so much from Trackers!

    Rachel Cheng - Team Kasih Sayang 2015

  • "10/10 would go again"

    Eric Chiam - Team Moriah Mentor 2015

  • Trackers was a meaningful time spent where i was not only able to dive deeper into His word but also know what its like to be part of community that was almost always on fire for God:) I am also really grateful to have gone for my first mission trip through trackers and that it was a memorable experience filled with a mix of touching and funny memories!

    Michelle Lee - Team Sequoia 2019